Monday, 27 June 2011

For My Beautiful Bridesmaids! and.. My Love for Baby's Breath!
A large part of my big day will be my beautiful bridesmaids!  I have posted some photos that I have been using as inspiration.  In a nutshell...pale pinks or champagnes, every girl wears a different dress.  Very easy! Very simple!

Onto my love for Baby's girls will be carrying bouquets of baby's dreamy!!

What do you think ladies?

Thursday, 23 June 2011



I went to visit my decorator yesterday and she handed me a flyer for  a photo booth.  What a great idea! I fell in love right away!  The cost from my decorator for the photo booth rental + 200 exposures (that printout automatically) + all of the photos taken on a CD for $450.00.  Not bad...but I thought that I could do better.....I checked out some retailers and photo developers and the grand total of my DIY version is a whopping $110.00!! There's a little more work involved, but I think I like my version better..check it out!

Camera and memory cards                                                                                  ( FREE)
Tripod or photo booth assistant                                                                          (Volunteers???)
Backdrop: Used assorted fabrics, table cloths, etc.                                            $30.00
Props: Dollarstore or consignment peices.                                                         $20.00
Developing  walmart 100 4x6 $20.00   300 photos                                           $60.00
Envelopes (thank you notes)                                                                                ( Already paid for)
Postage ( thank you cards)                                                                                   ( Already paid for)
TOTAL:                                                                                        $110.00                     

I am very excited about this!  It will be a little extra work getting the photos printed off and mailed out...but it will me a much awaited surprise when our guests get their thank you cards in the mail!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

DIY Napkin Tutorial! One Done..139 More to Go!

DIY Wedding Napkins...I am sooooo in love!!!

Supplies  (140 napkins 12x12 hemmed)

Fabric: I used crafters cotton fabric.  16 meters.  Wash and dried.  ( I forgot to do this first...Shhhhh!!)
Sewing machine

Step One: Measure and mark out all of your napkins.  Measurements are 14' x 14'.  Do this with whatever means you have, whatever works best for you.  I have yet to purchase a cutting mat and supplies so I cut with regular scissors sitting on my living room floor. LOL

Step Two: Iron your fabric nice and flat. All wrinkles should be gone!

Step Three: Use your iron to press a hem a quarter of an inch all the way around the napkin. Once you have done this all the way around, fold it another quarter of an inch again and press.  This gives the hem a nice clean edge instead of your rough cutting edge.

Step Four: Sew.  Pretty self explanitory.  Try to keep the seam the same width all the way around.  This makes for a neater edge on the face of the napkin.

VOILA! You are done.  Now repeat OH, around 139 times!  AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Wedding Colors and Themes...the many choices!

This past weekend I picked up a floral fabric that just so happened to include all of the colors I wished to incorporate into my wedding.  I am very excited that I finally have the colors set in stone and I felt inspired to post some wedding colors that are popular this year to inspire some other brides out there.

Yellow is huge this year! I am seeing it in wedding blogs all over the internet, here are a few examples:


Here are a few others that you might like:


And my palate....drum roll please!!

Photo taken with my, sorry about the quality!  I dont have an inspiration board done up yet, as soon as I do, I will post!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Long Time, No Post. Busy time of year!

Between chasing after my son and keeping up with the never ending housework around here, I really haven't found the time to sit down and blog.  My sister keeps reminding me....Jenny, you haven't blogged recently....I can hear in her voice that shes giving me a it, or else!

Little man is sleeping so I thought I would catch up on some of the things I have been doing lately.  I attempted to complete my first ever DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial...which didn't go so well.  It probably would have went great if I had taken enough photos.  I start out great, snapping away at the beginning of my project, and then I get so engrossed in what I am doing that I forget all about my camera!  Oh dear!  I plan on posting my tutorial for Baby Burp Cloths, it will just be picture skimpy!  I also created a Car Seat Cover...that was the most in depth sewing project I have ever completed, and I forgot to take photos!!  I have another baby shower in June so I will be making her a car seat cover as well. I'm doing it half for her....half for me, she gets the finished product, I get the photos, well and you get the tutorial...everyone wins!!

The wedding plans are coming along at a good pace.  I should have everything done long before the wedding which is great!  I am so afraid that I am taking on way too many DIY projects and I am going to end up with a dozen things that I just don't have time to get done.  SCARY!!

I am an extremely indecisive person....the worst of the worst, yet I have managed to decide on my centerpieces...finally!!  I found a Bride on who planned a wedding quite similar to the vision that I have for my wedding.  Her centerpieces are to die for!  I emailed her and got her blessing to be a 'copycat' and steal her idea.  I am so excited!!!

As I said before, the DIY list is quite large...making regular mason jars into aqua mason my cake my seating plan...make my bridesmaids gifts (in the works), crochet my garter (yes, I said's nice, I promise Mom!),  create the flowers for, and assemble my bouquet....oh, it never ends! Don't get me wrong, I am a crafty person and I am going to love every minute of it, but I hope I can get it all done!

For someone who is relatively new to this blogger thing I sure have typed a lot today!  I am off to work on something on my DIY list until the baby wakes up....till next time!

Since I only have two followers....FOLLOWER ONE:  I cant wait for you to come home!!!!!!!!!!
 FOLLOWER TWO: Thanks for taking care of her today...she was a silly girl last night....but we all have to be once in a while!

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Myself and Google are pretty much inseparable!  You cannot have one without the other....I don't know how anyone can survive on this planet without Google! So while searching 'fabric flowers' for the umpteenth time, hoping that exactly what I am looking for will magically appear before my eyes when....i saw this photo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cue the drool!  I have been Googling my brains out ever since trying to find a DIY post or a tutorial somewhere that will tell me how to make these gorgeous flowers.  They are made and sold by a very talented woman here:

They are however a tad pricey to purchase, especially
in a mass quantity such as what I need. sisters better like making fabric flowers...because we are going to make these flowers no matter what it takes!!

Oh, they are just dreamy!!

 On another note, I made another wedding purchase today! I spent a total of $20.00..big spender I am!  Ahaha! That $20.00 bought me 80 canning jars..complete with the old metal and glass screw tops!  I am extremely pleased with my purchase!  I had no idea they came with all of the tops!  Now what to do with them....some will be lanterns to hang....others I am thinking of incorporating LED mini white lights inside the jars to use as lighting for the tables.  Hmmmm..we shall see!

Monday, 18 April 2011

DIY Bouquets

Our wedding budget isn't huge, so when the topic of wedding flowers comes along I cringe!  Flowers can be so expensive, and I am just not willing to spend a good portion of my wedding budget on them.  So, I have been searching the internet high and low for fresh flower alternatives.  There are broach bouquets, fabric bouquets, paper bouquets,and button bouquets.  I have yet to find the perfect fit for me....I've posted some photos for inspiration:
I am IN LOVE with the lace in this bouquet.  My dress has a lot of lace on it, so this would match perfectly!
I really like some of the flowers in this bouquet...but some of the flowers are just plain ugly!

This bouquet sold by Noaki on is quite beautiful. The price tag on something like this is $600.00 !  Wont fit into my budget!